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One topic that has been coming up with increasing frequency is the role of social media in property management and apartment staffing. We are going to discuss a just a few points this week and will continue this topic in the future.

Facebook Research

  • Doing your due diligence in researching potential tenants seems to have gotten a lot easier with the advent of social media.
  • You can easily look someone up on Facebook and, if their profile is open to the public, have a look into their private life.
  • You can see their general lifestyle and assess their values via their posts. You can see their pets, their children, their friends, and their habits.
  • All this information can be used to form an idea if this person would be a good tenant or not. For example, if they are posting things about how their dog is so destructive, you may want to rethink renting them a newly refurbished unit with no pet deposit.

But Is it Ethical?

  • Looking at their profiles may be ethical these days since noone who has a public Facebook profile can reasonably claim total privacy.
  • If information you see tells you about their identity as part of a protected group (minority, handicapped, etc.) and you use this information to reject their application, you could be opening yourself up to a discrimination charge.The conclusion is that it is not so much the information you glean but how you use it.
  • We will continue this fascinating topic in future blogs. For a free consultation from Class Inc., call 855.863.0336