Leasing Your Rental Property- Always Have A Perfect Photo

Class Inc offers apartment vacancy solutions for your vacancy issues. We can help you lease up your properties,  retain residents or provide you with expert apartment staffing. We offer practical tips too, and that’s what we’ll do this week.

It can be hard for anyone to picture a home or an apartment that is being leased by only reading the description that has been given. Most people prefer seeing photographs showing as much of the home as possible. Having great pictures to show potential renters can make all the difference! The following are some tips and helpful hints when using photos to show your rental property:

  • Many rental websites limit the amount of photographs that you can include in your listing. Always be sure that the photos you choose to use show the most important rooms in the home, especially the living room, the bathroom(s), the kitchen, and each of the bedrooms. If you still have space for more photos, show off the community and surrounding area. Potential renters like seeing what they would be living near.
  • Take a wide variety of photos and from many different angles. The more photos captured, the more you are providing to a potential renter! Stand, sit, crouch, lay down, or do whatever you have to do to get as many different angles as possible.
  • Residents are often times messy, so either kindly ask your current resident to clean prior to picture day, or ask them if they would mind you moving things around for the purpose of these photos.
  • The lights should be turned on and the blinds should be opened. The more light, the better!

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