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Our number one tip for anyone already leasing or wanting to begin leasing their property is to always be willing to listen to your renters. At the first possible time, you should meet with renters to discuss any of their concerns. Taking the time to do this shows them that you are willing to help solve problems and are good landlords, and will likely make them the best renters.

It can be easy to get defensive about your rental property, but what is most important at this point is to listen to what your renters have to say, their questions and concerns, in a non-defensive manner. Once they have addressed their concerns, repeat the information that you were just told. This shows them that you were truly listening and understood their concerns, again, making you the great landlord.

Last, ask the renter how they prefer you to ‘fix’ the problem. Not only is it important that you ask them this, but it’s also important to establish a time frame to get the issue fixed. By setting a deadline in front of them, they will see that you a serious about it and want to help. Once the issue is fixed, make an effort to contact the resident to be sure they are pleased with the job.

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