The CLASS management team has unrivaled experience in increasing occupancy for thousands of properties. Our management team works hand in hand with our clients, advising on how to increase occupancy and sharing the latest trends in the industry. Our experienced team of apartment management consultants has become a sought-after resource and partner for housing community operators all over the nation. Let us create solutions to minimize your apartment vacancies by increasing occupancy and implementing sound apartment marketing ideas that draw great residents for a thriving community!

Justin Coleman, CAM, Director of Operations

“By providing leasing training to our clients, we are able to pass on the same tools and techniques we have instilled in our Leasing Specialists for over 30 years. In doing so, we can ensure our clients are able to lease at the highest level.”

Stephanie Footer, Executive Vice President

“Having worked with CLASS for over 25 years, I am proud of the close relationships we have developed with our clients. These relationships are cultivated by doing right by our clients and earning their trust through our performance and our integrity each and every day.”

Peggy Leuze, Controller

“My goal at CLASS is to handle the day-to-day transactions with accuracy in order to maintain the stability of the company, not only for our Employees, but also for our Clients. I understand the importance of building relationships that are based on trust and integrity.”

Robert Slade, Director of Training

“Training sales techniques is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning to apply our vision and mission to action, while maintaining a positive mental attitude, is what CLASS and our leasing specialists are all about.”

Shelly Krepistman, National Operations Coordinator

“As the industry leader, we consider our Leasing Specialists the best of the best. I specialize in recruiting and hiring ambitious talent with a positive mental attitude.”

Christa Gould, Office Manager

“The culture here at CLASS promotes high performance which benefits our clients as well as our leasing specialists.  Our processes are the result of more than 3 decades of paying close attention to our clients’ business practices, “pain points”, and goals.  In other words, CLASS has aligned its values with the values and priorities of our customers.  It’s a WIN-WIN situation.”

Leasing Specialists

Our CLASS leasing specialists have impressed apartment owners for decades with their sales skills, diligent work ethic, and positive attitude. CLASS leasing specialists undergo a rigorous three-step interview process to ensure that every member of our team possesses the ability to successfully lease up even the toughest properties. Our leasing specialists are full-time employees who become personally invested in each of their projects. After completing an intense and detailed certification course, leasing specialists work seven days a week leasing and marketing apartment communities across a wide range of industries. The CLASS leasing specialist focuses on a single task – leasing every vacant apartment on your property. Upon completion of an assignment, the leasing specialists are given a two-week paid vacation to ensure that they are rested and ready to go to their next property!

CLASS is your go-to property management solutions provider. We’re here to help you with everything from marketing apartments more effectively to leasing up your new community. For professional leasing services you can count on, contact CLASS today.