Today we have a guest blogger, Jake from BRE Properties, weighing in on some ways for renters to make their apartments unique and stylish.  Thanks for the post Jake!

Define Your Style from Floor to Ceiling

When someone first walks into your home they gain a sense or understanding of who you are as a person. Whether your style is ultra-modern, casual, or eclectic, you can share that through each and every piece of your décor. Apartments for rent allow you the opportunity to recreate your living space from the ceiling and walls down to the floor. Explore the possibilities that fit your budget and accentuate your favorite furnishings and accessories today.

Dividing & Design

Once you select a new apartment, the floor plan will dictate the flow and organization of your home. In many new and modern communities, such as BRE Properties, you can access the latest advancements in architecture that will help to bring your style to life. Each wall divides your home, but also provides you with a canvas to add color, images, or anything else you can imagine. Be sure to confirm that painting is allowed in your complex and expect to find some locations that will offer to paint for you prior to the move in date.

Functional Furniture

Remember, the furniture pieces that fit well in your last apartment may need to be altered or improved during your transition to a new rental community. Donating or upgrading during a move is ideal since you already have access to large trucks and all the lifting help needed. If you are happy with your current furniture selection, consider infusing seasonal colors with new linens on the bed or contrasting pillows on the couch. Wood furniture can also look refreshed with a new coat of paint or a complete color change.

Put Your Needs First

If you need an office space in your home or want to dedicate an area to your favorite hobby, be sure to add this into your floor plan. Many apartments for rent are available with additional bonus rooms or a second bedroom you can transform. Prior to your move, create a saving budget for this special area so you can easily add a new desk or whatever supplies are needed.

Apartments for rent in your hometown provide you with a place and space to call your own. Remember, your apartment is a reflection of your own style; make each room a story about you with paint, pictures, books, and all special touches.