A new apartment community or rental property presents the potential for amazing opportunities, but it can also be a huge money pit if you aren’t finding residents to fill your vacancies. Filling the vacancies of a long-standing apartment building can be difficult enough, but you face even more challenges as a new property owner because you have to raise awareness that your property exists.

CLASS can help you fill your vacancies and get your newly constructed rental property rolling. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring us for professional leasing services:

  • Raising Awareness: One big problem that new properties have is a lack of awareness. People need to know your building exists. We are highly experienced with marketing, and we can help get your property on the map.
  • Building Rapport: A newly constructed rental property doesn’t have a legacy it can lean on. While you don’t have to worry about being tarnished by bad reviews, people might also be skeptical about moving somewhere with no proven track record. We can assist with reputation management and get positive reviews flowing in.
  • Training: If you’d rather take the reins yourself, we provide high-quality training classes that will teach you everything you need to know to manage a rental property. By putting our strategies into play, you’ll see your apartment community filling up with residents in no time.

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