The subject property is a by-the-bed student property in Texas. In 2012, the property was leasing at an average rate of about 18 leases per week.

CLASS was brought in to accelerate the lease up and increase preleasing numbers. Throughout April 2013 CLASS, together with the onsite staff, leased at an average rate of 30 leases per week.


Over the course of 30 days, CLASS leased 121 bed spaces and the property was preleased 6 points ahead of last year’s numbers.

April 2012 vs. April 2013 Rent Revenue (per $1,000)

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*Having CLASS on property for one month resulted in 46 additional move-ins when compared to April 2012.

*Additional annual rent revenue created by these move-ins = $248,400.00

*Total cost of CLASS service = $47,187.00

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