Are you an apartment manager who is tired of trying to keep your community filled with residents? Do you feel that your community has a lot to offer, but just can’t seem to get any notice? CLASS Inc. is here to help property managers like you with our tried and true apartment vacancy solutions. We have helped many property owners and managers alike find success. But why invest in apartment vacancy solutions? And why possibly outsource your leasing processes? Here are a few reasons to work with CLASS Inc.

We See the Individual

The way our apartment vacancy solutions work is based on the idea that each community is unique. When we are looking into what apartment vacancy solutions might be right for you, we look at everything around where you are. Our temporary leasing agents don’t just offer a blanket marketing plan; we offer one tailored to your company and for what your community needs.

We Are Hands On

As we mentioned previously, when you request our assistance we send one of our trained and certified temporary leasing agents to visit your community and investigate the surrounding competing communities to see what is working for you, what is not, how you can beat your competition, what short-term changes you can make, as well as what long term goals you should make for your leasing office. The apartment vacancy solutions that CLASS Inc.’s agents provide are comprehensive and based on experience, professional knowledge, and apartment vacancy solutions that have helped many communities before.

Motivated For Your Success

When you decide to work with one of our agents, you will be working with a company that is motivated for your success. We want you to succeed by giving you the tools and apartment vacancy solutions that will not only work currently, but will bring success for a long time to come. We provide two services:

Temporary Leasing Assistance

When you ask for temporary leasing assistance, we will send one of our agents to your community. Our agent will spend a week looking into your leasing processes and marketing strategies, at your competition and at the atmosphere of your community. Then, after detailed examination, our agent will give you a comprehensive apartment vacancy solution to implement. After a few days after implementation and staff training, we will hand off leasing to your office.

Permanent Leasing Assistance

When you request a permanent solution, we undergo the same processes, but after the research period, our agent will take over all leasing services. They will become a valuable part of your team, implementing marketing strategies and apartment vacancy solutions for your communities success.

Regardless of what type of plan you choose, CLASS Inc. will provide you with apartment vacancy solutions specific to your community and for your short term and long term success.

Interested in our apartment vacancy solutions? Contact us for a free consultation! We’d love to help you be successful and your community be the best in your area. Want to know how we’ve helped our clients? Read our Testimonials!