Are you looking for a dream job and just haven’t found what you’re looking for? Do you like helping other businesses become better? Are you looking for an exciting career and want to be a leader? Do you want to learn more about other communities? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you should consider coming to work with us at CLASS and here’s why.

Who is CLASS Inc.?

We are a company based in Atlanta that specializes in apartment vacancy solutions and leasing services that we offer to community management all over the country. Those seeking our solutions can choose from two options: Consulting or managing services. For those communities who just need a little help solving their apartment vacancy issues, we send representatives around the country to their communities for a few days to learn about the management company, their competing communities, and community itself. After our CLASS representative is finished observing, they offer apartment vacancy solutions and hand the job of leasing or renting over the local management company. We also offer apartment vacancy solutions in which our representative takes over the leasing department entirely.

CLASS Leasing Specialist

As a CLASS Leasing Specialist, you get the opportunity to enjoy a salary, income through commissions and bonuses. You also get full health, dental, and vision insurance as well as Matching 401K. Now that you know the nitty gritty details, let us tell you why you will love working with CLASS.

Travel the Country

Want to get paid to travel? Being a CLASS Leasing Specialist is for you! You get to travel all over the country and learn more about the cultures of other communities. If you get antsy being in one place for too long and love traveling, you will love working with us. We cover airfare, rental car and apartment costs, and per diem expenses the duration of your assignment.

Train For a Career

When you become a CLASS Leasing Specialist, we give you all the tools you need to be successful through training intensives. After your training and before your first assignment, you learn about leasing through first-hand leasing service experience in the Atlanta area. You will gain knowledge and skills in marketing and sales and get exposure to the industry and those who have been in the industry for a prolonged amount of time. You will get to pick the brain of those who have worked in real estate, multifamily housing, and more!

Join a Positive Culture

One of the best things about joining CLASS and becoming one of our specialists is our culture. We promote a work environment that thrives on positivity and possibility. We believe that each of us has the power to have a positive perspective and that having this positive outlook is crucial for not only being a CLASS Leasing Specialist, but also for all areas of life.

Join Us!

Does becoming a CLASS Leasing Specialist sound like something you might want to do? Does apartment vacancy solutions get you excited? Do you strive for excellence and have a positive attitude? Become a CLASS Specialist and join us as the industry’s leader in apartment vacancy solutions.

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