According to The Social Times, there are a whopping 400 million users on Instagram. The photo sharing network attracts 26% of all online adults and is even more popular with younger adults, with 53% of adults ages 18-29 using Instagram. That is THE target demo for a lot of our clients since they’ve positioned their multifamily communities in urban areas full of young professionals who are all on Instagram when they should be working!instagram logo Want to reach more Millennial prospects on Instagram? Here are 5 great tips to implement!

1. Post about more than the community.

We Image-1 (2)know that your community is beautiful and a wonderful place to live, but people will get bored if you are constantly posting pictures of the grounds and your apartment buildings. Instead, mix things up and keep your audience interested by posting things like:

– Pictures of your staff

– Resident events

– Local restaurants and favorite hang out spots

– Pets that live in your community

– Happenings in the surrounding area

– Behind the scenes of your community



2. Be engaged with your followers.

Follow the people who follow you. Like and comment on your followers’ photos. If you see a great photo posted by one of your residents, ask if you can repost it on your community’s Instagram account (don’t forget to give credit to the original poster). Apps like Iconosquare and Repost for Instagram make reposting a cinch!

3. Don’t forget the hashtags.Image-1 (1)

Each piece of Instagram content you post can be accompanied by a short message or caption and a few hashtags. Thehashtags help organize and categorize images and video content, which aids the process of content discovery and optimization. By using hashtags, the image is cataloged so other Instagram users can find it—even though they don’t yet follow your community’s Instagram feed. For example, to the right, a community has posted a picture of it’s pool and used a couple of hashtags including #summer, #sunkissed, #swimming, #fun. Now, when people search those hashtags on Instagram, their post of the pool will pop up and allow that person to see the post! Hashtags are a great way to get more views to all of your postings!



4. Post consistently and punctually!

Not posting enough is the biggest pitfall when it come to marketing your community on Instagram. According to Forbes, companies should be posting to Instagram 1.5 times a day to achieve optimal visibility.

Your community should also pay attention to the time of day they post. According to The Huffington Post, Latergramme, a service that lets users manage and schedule Instagram posts, ran an analysis of over 61,000 posts to determine the when photos received the most “likes” and comments.

On average, the team found that 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST are the best times to post if you want your followers to pay attention to you; the worst times are 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Also, Wednesday is apparently the best day of the week to post, though not by much.

5. Utilize Canva to come up with professional looking poImage-1 (3)sts.canva insta post

Canva is graphic design service that is very user friendly, and for the most part, free! Canva has an immense library of templates for marketing items such as flyers, blog posts, invitations, posters, etc.. They also have an entire section devoted to social media posts, which makes coming up withbeautiful, professional looking Instagram posts the easiest thing you will do all day!