In this day and age, it can feel difficult to get the attention of prospective residents, especially when you live in a city full of renting options. How do you outshine the rest? According to, in February 2014, communities that had an outstanding digital presence were the ones that saw 22 percent more prospective renter queries than those that did not have updated sites. Here are some apartment vacancy solutions that will help your community to have a greater digital presence to attract more prospective renters.

Best Digital Experience

The best digital experience on a website is user-experience and functionality. First of all, if a website doesn’t work, then your prospective renters will leave your site out of frustration and will probably not stay long enough to see how great your community is. The functionality of your website will directly affect your bottom line and the user-experience of your website. Your website can be functional, but can lack in user-experience. Questions to ask yourself when you are considering the user-experience of your website should begin with “What do I like?” Websites that are easy to navigate with few buttons or tabs are usually those that are liked by most people: Those that work both on a desktop computer, a tablet, and smartphone. Websites that are visually colorful with professional photography are aspects of highly user-friendly sites.

Easy Contact Form

Sites that saw an improvement in prospective renters had a working contact form on their homepage and contact page. Though phone calls aren’t completely obsolete, most people are looking for ways to receive information quickly. A contact form should be easy to fill out (functionality) and provides enough information so that you can contact prospective residents with appropriate, useful, and concise information.

List Social Media

To be perceived as a modern community with efficient management you should list links to your social media on your website. Not only will prospective residents be able to see what you have to offer via social media, but having social media as a part of your website will increase the likelihood of being found online. Having a social media presence will help to boost your website’s rankings on Google, i.e. where you are on page one of a Google search. Social media to include is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Your site’s SEO value or search engine optimization value directly affects your site. A site that has high SEO value will attract more prospective residents, because they will actually see your site. Companies that invest in digital marketing and SEO for their sites see more visits to their site and overall more prospective residents.

Google Map

Having your location marked on a Google map website widget will greatly and positively affect your community’s potential for less vacancy. Not only is your location easily seen, but having the Google widget will allow for easy navigation when prospective residents are looking to come to your community.

Working Hours

Putting your working hours on your website will also help draw in more prospective residents, because they will help them know when they can drive by to visit the community and speak to the management. Put your hours on your website in a clear place and if it makes sense in multiple places.


A live chat can also be a great way to attract more prospective residents. For some, being able to talk to the management in real time is very important. These are the one’s looking to make a quick decision about whether your residence is the place for them. Though having a live chat is not absolutely essential to your site’s success, it can definitely help.

Want More Apartment Vacancy Solutions?

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