Welcome back to our blog page here at Class Inc.! Our offices have never been busier and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We work with property owners from all over the nation and we certainly take a lot of pride in what we do. If you’re looking for a leasing company to take some of the burden off and give you peace of mind, consider us! Class Inc. will work hard help you to give you apartment vacancy solutions and get your apartments rented quickly, and to the highest quality of residents.

Whether you refer to yourself as a landlord or not, when you own apartments, condos, or flats for rent, you always seem to have a lot going on. You’re dealing with maintenance issues, scheduling air filter changes, collecting late rent, and so much more! If you own apartments, especially if your company is a little bit smaller, you probably wear a lot of hats. And, as we all know, an apartment owner’s worst nightmare is flats that are sitting empty. But how can you make sure that your apartments are never uninhabited for a long period of time? In this blog, we’ll explore a few tips on how to make sure that your apartments never stay unrented for long.

Offer One-Time Discounts and Specials

Often, when someone is searching for a place to live, they might be more attracted to a place that has a special going on. Though you might not always want to offer the first month free—this could encourage squatting—it might behoove you and your situation to offer a free month at some point during the lease. That way, you can keep your monthly price high without discouraging those who would likely be attracted to the savings.

Consider Allowing Pets

There are plenty of people out there for whom an apartment’s refusal to allow their pets might be a deal breaker. Though you probably have your reasons for not wanting animals to be inside your apartments, there are a good number of people who own pets. When you change your policy to allow pets, after a pet deposit is paid, you open up your market depth. When you decide to allow pets, the chances of getting those empty apartments rented increase by huge margins.

Try to Add Amenities

It’s no lie that when some people are apartment hunting, they are looking for specific things such as a community with a pool, apartments with a washer/dryer, or flats that come with a garage. We understand that installing a pool is quite an undertaking, however, putting a washer and dryer into your apartments is an incredibly smart way to be more appealing to more people. Consider ways that you can improve the amenities at your property.

Hire a Leasing Company

This is, perhaps, one of the smartest choices that you can make as a property owner. A leasing company will help you find the right residents and make sure that they are properly screened and vetted before they move into your property. When you work with a leasing company, you take the stress and worry off of your plate so that you can put your efforts into your many other important responsibilities.

Work With The Experts

Class Inc. is your one-stop-shop leasing company. We’ll do our absolute best to make sure that traffic is driven to your rentals, leasing inquiries are taken care of, home demonstrations are performed, and deals are closed. We will be your ideal middleman handling all of those pesky details that you’re too busy to do. If you’re tired of letting your apartments sit empty and you’re ready to start collecting monthly rent, contact us today.