In working at communities all across the country, we are constantly on the lookout when it comes to finding new and creative leasing tools that can be implemented.  Not all tools that work in one market are necessarily guaranteed to work in every market, so this is a continuous trial by fire process and oftentimes the only way to determine if a tool will work is by giving it a shot.

Here are three unique resources I feel can be put to use today and possibly benefit any community:


  • This website allows for the generation of 3D floor plans to enhance not only your website, but also your marketing collateral and user experience while differentiating you from your competition. I truly think this is a “WOW” addition to a community’s website that could help capture prospects, especially in the all important Zero Moment Of Truth, and make your website more memorable.
  1. On-Site Reputation Scout

  • If you are an organization that does not have a reputation manager at the corporate level, this tool is for you. Reputation Scout streamlines the tedious task of checking all of the possible areas someone could post about your community and puts all of this information in a centralized dashboard for you.
  1. TextRiley

  • The “Personal Real Estate Assistant” functionality of this program allows the user to receive information about your community all via text. TextRiley works similar to a Locator service, except the service is conveniently offered at the users fingertips.

All three of these tools can help provide additional value to the functionality of your community and most importantly, can lead to additional prospect generation.  Give these a try and see what sticks.