With our years of unrivaled experience helping increase occupancy for our clients and their properties, CLASS has become a sought after resource and partner for apartment operators and those in need of leasing services. When you get great residents in your property, you want to  keep them as long as possible! Unfortunately, resident turnover happens – it’s a part of the game. We’ve got some insight into why residents leave and if you learn why your residents are leaving, you can fix those issues and retain them longer.

Poor customer service. Those who are disappointed with their leasing managers and the customer service offered often choose to leave. Residents can become angry for a number of reasons including not responding to their requests, taking too long to make repairs, or having unapproachable employees. Thankfully, customer service is something that you can control. Call us and we can help you get started with proper training for your employees.

Another reason renters choose to move out is because they’re not happy with their apartment. Oftentimes renters will initially move into an apartment they don’t like because they either can’t afford a nicer place or they didn’t pay attention before moving in. Although you can’t totally transform your apartment, consider making minor updates over time and including desirable appliances.