downloadThe last place you would expect to see a commercial for the National Basketball Association would be during Nick at Nite on Nickelodeon or during an episode of House Hunters on HGTV. However, according to Ad Age, the NBA will begin advertising on these television channels as part of a new strategy to attract more viewers.

The campaign called “This Is Why We Play” highlights fans, kids, players and coaches in a way that traditional NBA commercials do not. The NBA knows that the way to appeal to casual fans is not by showing highlight reels on sports networks but instead by broadening the message to reach a larger fan base.

In order to grow and expand, the NBA knows they need to target markets with fresh ideas and the Multifamily industry needs to do the same. Too often we become stagnant with marketing and think that what we’ve done in the past will suffice. We need to get creative and rethink our strategy in order to advertise to pockets of potential new “Nickelodeon and HGTV” prospects.

  • Host a ‘Screen on the Green’ event: Attract new prospects to your community by hosting a movie night. Rent an inflatable movie screen and pick a spot on property with enough space to host every movie lover in town. An added bonus of this idea is that it doubles as a resident retention event, too!
  • Cater breakfast or lunch for Preferred Employers: You may think your Preferred Employers know all about you, but you’re probably wrong. Emailing information or dropping it off at the reception desk won’t go very far in terms of name recognition—let alone referrals. Stand out among your competitors by offering to bring in breakfast or lunch for the company. A few pizzas along with your flyers can go a long way!
  • Sponsor a night at a local restaurant: Identify a popular restaurant in your area and partner with them to sponsor a night for their customers. Promote your community by offering a free appetizer to all patrons and perhaps even leave each table with a promotional item like a koozie they can take home.

What creative ideas have you implemented at your property to attract new prospects?