power outage

I was recently in Baltimore MD and had a few minutes to spare before flying home to Atlanta.  So I decided to swing in and shop a brand new class A property near the airport.  While the property was nothing short of impressive, here are a few tips for the leasing agent that showed me around.

  1. Stop relying on technology.  Since the internet was down, she had no way of pulling the pricing or availability, meaning there was no possible way she could secure a lease.  Leasing agents should print the pricing and availability every morning just in case the internet goes down during a tour.  Another option is to have her regional or someone from the corporate office send her pricing and availability.
  2. Take seasonal pictures.  The amenity package at this property was incredible, but it was hard to picture covered in snow.  I would loved to have seen some pictures of the common areas during the spring or summer.  She could have had these pics on her iPad and shown them to me as we were touring the amenities.
  3. Minimize options.  When I asked to see a 2 bedroom, she immediately handed me a brochure with all 12 of their 2 bedroom options.  This did nothing but cloud my judgment and make the process overwhelming.  She never asked what was important to me in my new home, thus she was never able to eliminate some of the floor plan options.  Was I price conscious, concerned about space, looking for a roommate floor plan or did I need the extra room for an office?  These details could have allowed her to narrow my choices down to 2 or 3 options and increase the probability of securing a lease.