twitter ipo


Earlier this month, Twitter made it’s flawless debut on the NYSE. But with a successful IPO comes a new challenge. With almost a third of its users between the ages of 18-29, the social media site must now figure out a way to reach and engage a broader audience. However, the job doesn’t stop at merely attracting new users– these users must be retained.

Conveying value to a new audience can be a tough task. Therefore, Twitter proactively came up with a way to engage new Tweeters from the start. When new users register for an account, they are taken through initiation steps and asked to pick a set of celebrities to follow. They’re also given the option to “mine their email contacts” to discover personal connections they may have already using the service. It has been discovered that the value of the Twitter experience is enhanced when users are following captivating, interesting accounts. It draws them back to the site regularly and improves the customer experience.

So what can the Multifamily industry learn from Twitter’s current growth initiative? In this analogy, your community’s prospects would be your “new users.” Actively participate in the customer experience of prospects by asking probing questions to figure out what their interests and needs are. Then use this information to explain how your community can complement those interests and meet those needs.  Just like new Twitter users returning to the site time and time again because they’re interested in and engaged by who they follow, your prospects will lease if they see value in your product and their customer experience is a positive one.