As simple as the concept may seem checklists are utilized in some of the most complex and respected industries in the world. From surgeons to pilots to lawyers, checklists have been shown to greatly reduce mistakes and increase proficiency. In any profession or process, breakdown can occur if tasks get too complicated, rushed or are too easy to push aside and forget. CLASS recognized this and implemented checklists throughout our leasing process. Here are just a couple of examples:

At CLASS, each of our Leasing Specialists completes a 48 Hour checklist within the first two days on property. This can be a very hectic time so the checklist ensures that the Leasing Specialist has completed tasks both big and small. This includes walking vacant apartments, shopping competition, learning office procedures, and even checking in with a member of the home office.  Our Leasing Specialists complete this checklist on every single assignment because no matter how comfortable you get in a position it’s still important to cover the basics.

CLASS also implements checklists when it comes to leasing follow-up. Follow-up is critical in the multifamily industry yet it’s often the task most overlooked. On each of our CLASS Key Cards there is a follow-up checklist section. Leasing Specialists are trained to check off and date each follow-up task as it’s completed. Having the checklist on the Key Card itself reminds the agent that the follow-up needs to be done and is checked off to communicate to management that it has been accomplished.

How could you implement a checklist at your property?