After a leasing call has ended and an appointment is set, many leasing agents feel as though the work is done until the prospect shows up. However, it’s the research done in the time between the call and the appointment that makes the difference between a good agent and a great agent.

During the phone call, make sure to get all the basic information such as the prospect’s name, phone number and what they are looking for in an apartment. After you’ve obtained this information, take it a step further and ask the following questions. By asking these questions and then preparing before the tour, you can greatly increase your chances of closing on the prospect.

  • Where are they currently living?

Knowledge about a prospect’s current property is a must. After the phone call, research the community to get an idea of what the prospect is paying in rent, what amenities they’re used to having, and the features currently in their apartment. Having this information before a tour can help you prepare for possible objections and highlight features they may currently lack.

  • Why are they moving?

Pinpointing the reason for a prospect’s move is crucial. Whether it’s for more space, a better school system or improved maintenance, leasing agents must be prepared to showcase this aspect on a tour. For example, research the school system before your prospect comes in so you can speak intelligently about the staff and test scores. If they are moving because of neglected maintenance, make a point to introduce the prospect to a member of the maintenance staff. These small touches will show your prospect you care about their needs.

  • Where do they work?

Uncovering where a prospect works can help you close in a multitude of different ways. After your call has ended, hop on Google Maps to see just how far your community is from their job.  Figure out how long their commute will be compared to where they’re currently living. Calculate how much this will save them on gas or even the time they’ll save by not sitting in the car so long!