When it comes to graphic design, my tool box is pretty light. The beautiful work that comes from graphic designers never ceases to amaze me. The stunning visual content they provide is appealing to any business owner.

Professionally done design work and marketing materials can help drive traffic to your website, social media outlets, and to your property. Unfortunately, most of us are not graphic designers and may not have the resources to hire one. The good news for all of us non-designers and people on a budget is that we now have Canva.

Canva makes graphic design incredibly simple for everyone. It provides you with all the tools you would need to produce a beautiful, professional product to market your property with. It is web-based so there is no download required and the vast majority of the designs are free. You can also share your creations with other people on your team so everyone is able to edit and contribute.

canva flyer

Canva has templates for just about any marketing materials you would need and they make producing them a total breeze. From Instagram posts, Facebook posts, posters, invitations, ads, to flyers, Canva has designs ready made, all that’s missing is your property’s own information and pictures. You are also able to custom build your own designs. Additionally, Canva provides a variety of learning materials and articles that will help you enhance your new skills.

canva page

The best way to learn more about Canva is to get on the website and explore! Good luck designing!