room 1

room 2

Of the two photos above, which one are you drawn to? As a prospect, which one would prompt you to pick up the phone or visit the leasing office? More than likely its photo #2 and it’s not a difficult choice to see why.  The second photo is visually appealing to the eye and allows the prospect to envision their furniture in the apartment.

If this is the case, why do we still see pictures of unfurnished apartments on Craigslist, property websites and other ILS sites? Whether it’s a limited budget or complete lack of a model apartment, we now have the solution. Take a closer look at photo #2. That’s not real furniture. It’s the talent and creativity of our friends at Virtual Staging Solutions.

Virtual Staging Solutions allows your property to take a picture of a vacant apartment and digitally add furniture to make it more pleasing to the eye. Not only does this catch the attention of prospective renters, but it calls them to action as well. “We’ve been doing this for 5 years now and have seen property listings receive an increase in the number of leads, and often higher sale prices,” explains Bryan of Virtual Staging Solutions. “There are so many rentals out there and they can all start to look the same but we’re managing to help make them more inviting and unique[…].”

With this option now available there is no reason to have boring, empty photos of vacant apartments. For a nominal fee, your communities can use professional grade photography and watch the amount of leads you receive skyrocket.

Virtual Staging Solutions is available at 888-201-9042 or by email at You can check out their website at