Why does an apartment owner call CLASS?  While there are many answers to this question, one common theme surrounds a majority of our assignments.  They are difficult.  If it was easy our company would not be in business.

As many of you have noticed, the degree of difficulty of our assignments may vary.  Sometimes we find ourselves on properties that produced tons of leases, while other times we find ourselves in a soft market, toxic office environment or challenging property.   Because of this, we go to great lengths to ensure our scheduling offers an equal leasing opportunity for all of our Leasing Specialists.  High traffic assignments are routinely followed by heavy marketing properties.

For our top earning Leasing Specialist, a trend has emerged.  From a commission standpoint, our top earners do not separate themselves from the rest of the company on the high traffic assignments, but rather on the heavy marketing properties.  In other words, when faced with a challenging property, they dig in and find a way to make it work.  They find a way to get some commissions on the tough properties and they never give up when faced with a slow start.

Heather Adams is one such Leasing Specialists.  I love working with Heather because I trust her.  I know that even when she is on a challenging assignment, her attitude and work ethic will never waiver.  She trusts herself and the process and she routinely turns around properties that start slowly because they lack traffic.  This is happening on her current assignment where she did not get a single lease until her 2nd week on the property.  She now has 5 leases in the past 7 days and the traffic is continuing to improve.  I don’t have to lose sleep over worrying about Heather’s attitude because she knows that after the marketing is in place, the leases will come.  Heather you are awesome!

JoAnne Mendenhall is also on a very challenging senior tax credit property in a secondary market.  (Secondary markets are smaller cities and towns that typically have less traffic).  CLASS has been off and on this property for a number of months and we have averaged about 3-4 leases/week.  Joanne has blown that number out of the water.  She has gotten 5 leases/week almost every week of the assignment.  She has handled the challenges of the property like a seasoned pro and raised the bar for anyone who follows.  She has shown us what is possible on her property and she deserves some recognition for her effort and results.  Great job JoAnne!

Both of these ladies are directly responsible for securing more contracts for CLASS and demonstrating to their clients why our company is so respected in the industry.  We ALL benefit from having them on our team.  If you have some time today, give them the thanks they deserve on our Facebook Page.