For being such a small company, CLASS is an interesting dichotomy. While we may lease for many years and only meet a handful of fellow Leasing Specialists, the dynamics of our organization make us surprisingly reliant on the success of our fellow colleagues.   In other words, the level at which you perform at your job has a massive impact on the contracts CLASS receives, which ultimately allows us to work on more sales efficient properties.

Working on securing contracts for CLASS has been fascinating.  As a Leasing Specialist I often had a feeling of isolation.  I was an army of one, and while I valued my company and liked my boss (hi Stephanie) I came to CLASS to travel, make some money and have a good time.

Now I see firsthand how secretly interconnected everyone is within this organization.  It is strange to think that the money you make is directly affected by someone you may never get a chance to meet.    When we are successful on a property, we get multiple contracts from that client.  This allows us to choose properties that can produce more leases so everyone earns more.  The bottom line is that despite our geographical isolation, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Here are some people who have done some great work this past week.  Give them some love on Facebook or on the comments section of the blog!

Fayth Abraham:

Fayth was specifically requested by our client to work on a property in Florida because they were parting ways with their property manager.  Fayth is so organized and such a hard worker that our client trusted her to take on management duties for a few weeks while they made a transition.  This put a lot of stress on Fayth and resulted in many hours of extra work.  It is this extra effort that has earned the trust of her client.  Great job Fayth!

James King:

Have you heard about the changes to your Google Place Page?  If not, go to our blog and read James’s recap of the new Google + format.  Thanks James for putting that together and educating us on the all-important changes to Google.  It is a must read and I encourage all of Leasing Specialists to contribute new ideas and articles.