We are all aware of the enormous amounts of time and money spent on recruiting, hiring and training our onsite teams.  But are you tracking their results after they begin leasing and comparing them to documented characteristics and data from the hiring process?  Here are 4 tools that can help you get more from your hires.

  1.  Try utilizing tools like PeopleAnswers.com and other employment assessment software.  These programs allow you to track what characteristics make up the perfect DNA for your hires.  They provide personality profiles that can help you zero in on the perfect candidates for your property and organization.
  2. Use measurable sales ratios to assess the performance of your team.  The 2 ratios that we use at CLASS are the conversion and closing ratio.  Conversion ratio calculates the number of phone calls we convert into walk-ins and the closing ratio is how many qualified walk-ins we convert into leases.  By looking at these 2 ratios on a weekly basis, you can make better decisions regarding your staffing and detect when someone is starting to get burned out or needs further training.
  3. Re-training.  Most organizations spend money training their new hires and then set them free into our industry without any continuing education classes.  A professional athlete wouldn’t learn a skill and then stop practicing or confiding in a coach for years at a time.  So why do we think that the skills and techniques that we teach our team when they are hired will still be utilized effectively years down the road?
  4. Shuffle your onsite leasing staff.  Burnout is one of the biggest challenges facing your leasing team.  At CLASS we see first-hand how a fresh face on a property can instantly move the needle.  Sometimes just moving your team to a new office can invigorate your staff and add some much needed energy to increase the leasing velocity.  A leasing agent can learn the nuisances of a property and market in just a few weeks, so don’t be afraid to shuffle your team.