When leasing apartments it is important to give some thought into the buying behavior of our potential residents. In most cases, a decision to lease an apartment is not made entirely by the prospect who tours the apartment. When there are other occupants living in the unit, their feedback becomes essential. Even when the apartment is for only one person, most prospects will consult a friend or relative for advice on where to live.

Buying behavior tells us that the person who first finds the apartment will become a proponent of leasing the unit. The other party who was absent at first contact becomes the opponent of the purchase and immediately assumes the role of devil’s advocate. For example, if you show an apartment to a guy and he returns later with his girlfriend, the guy will assume to role the proponent while the girlfriend will be the party that still needs to be sold.

That is why it is so important to get the contact information of everyone who will be living at the property. In most relationships, whether it be a companion or roommate situation, the two parties will choose different stances on the purchasing decision. Therefore we need to focus on not just the party who inquires about the apartment but also the party who is absent during the initial inquiry.

The next time someone views an apartment without their roommate, get the address of the roommate and send them a quick note letting them know you can’t wait to meet them. You should also shoot them an email saying how much they will love the community and attach a gift card or coupon for a local restaurant that you have teamed with for cross marketing. The roommate who is absent will be blown away that they received the note and email prior to even viewing the property. They will come in with a “softer opposition” to buying and you will certainly set yourself apart from the competition.

This same technique can be used for first time renters who will be consulting with their parents prior to leasing. See if you can get the email address of the parents and drop them a line explaining why their son or daughter will be comfortable and happy living at your community. You will immediately get the seal of approval from mom and dad.

When speaking with a prospect, try to determine EVERY person in their life that will be an influencer in the decision. Then target those influencers with thank you notes, emails and phone calls. Your prospect will trust the opinion of their family and peers so go the extra mile to make sure they will be an advocate for your community!