With the NFL Season now upon us, I give you my version of the favorite pregame segment, C’mon Man!

Here are 3 things that properties do that make me want to scream, C’mon Man!

Market Rent vs Specials:

Have you ever shopped a property and asked about the rents for an apartment only to hear “our 2 bedrooms are on special for $720/month.”  Really….that’s great!  So your apartments are on special, yet you don’t even bother to tell me what the market rate is so I have ZERO idea what kind of discount I am even getting.  Thank you for de-valuing your product and not even showing me the savings.  What ever happened to “start high watch’em buy?”  You shouldn’t even need a concession in today’s market!   …..C’mon Man!

No Google Place Page:

Have you ever gone to a property and your GPS gives you the wrong directions because there is not a Google Place Page?  I cannot think of anything more frustrating and it is a terrible reflection on the management.  It only takes 30 seconds to move the marker on Google so future residents can find you.  Not sure how to do it?  Try Googleing “how do I move the marker on the map” or type in “Google Place Page”.   Google has done a great job making it so easy that both my 4 year old niece and my 75 year old mother can do it.   Can’t find a property on a GPS?… C’mon Man!

Show Units and Rent Readies:

Have you ever been shown an apartment that is not rent ready, or has not been walked in months and has light bulbs out and cob webs on the door?  It only takes a few minutes each week to make sure the units you are showing reflect good management and maintenance.  If your show units have light bulbs out, what kind of customer service will a prospect receive AFTER they move-in?  Bugs, dust and darkness in your show unit?… C’mon Man!

Are there any leasing or marketing items that irritate you?  Leave us a comment or post it on our Facebook Page!