Here are a few Leasing Specialists who deserve some recognition for their EXCELLENT work this past week.

Victoria Enchill.  Victoria came into an urban community in Southern Chicago that was having a very hard time getting qualified traffic through the doors.  Through her marketing efforts and continuous outreach, Victoria was able to drive more qualified traffic to the property and has almost cut the rejection rate in half the past two weeks!  She had the biggest number of approvals since we have been onsite with 11 approved applicants in five days last week! Victoria’s credits the consistency of her marketing, including marketing to churches and other business as the solution to the problem.   Awesome job Victoria and keep up the great work!

Kristi McMillin.  A special thanks to Kristi McMillin for not only going out on a short break, but hitting an absolute home run on a challenging student lease-up in Texas.  Kristi, we know you were exhausted but your effort and attitude was phenomenal.  We were equally impressed with her organization on the property.  The “leasing logistics” of the project made it very confusing to track and approve her applicants.  She kept multiple reports and did a fantastic job managing the situation.  Enjoy your much needed vacation Kristi!