At CLASS we strive to create a culture based on the belief that your attitude controls your outcome. We strongly believe that by having a positive mental attitude you can achieve great things. Not only does our management team value positivity, but we pass on the importance of having a positive mentality to our Leasing Specialists as well. Today, we want to focus on two Leasing Specialists that continue to have incredibly positive attitudes and outlooks.

Mel Lovitt

Mel has really knocked it out of the park on her current property, a senior community in Indiana. She has been leasing for 21 days and has secured 18 leases! Senior communities can have the stigma of low leasing numbers, but that hasn’t affected Mel’s positive, “go-getter” attitude in the slightest! Keep up the great leasing work, Mel! You’ve really impressed us—and your client!

Jessica Scaife

Only 3 weeks on a property? That’s all Jessica needs. In just 21 days, Jessica leased every ready apartment at her disposal on a property that had extremely low leasing activity prior to CLASS’ arrival. While her leasing efforts are very admirable, what continues to impress us about Jessica is her positive attitude. No matter what property type she’s on , Jessica always has a positive mindset. Jessica, thank you for always maintaining a positive mental attitude!