Roomscan by Locometric


This is a great app for your smart phone that can really be of assistance for not only leasing agents, but also for prospects.

The app is called RoomScan and was created by Locometric.  RoomScan allows you to measure the dimensions of a room by simply holding your phone up to each of the walls in the room.  The app is also incredibly accurate with only a small margin of error of plus or minus 2%.

Seeing the app in action is quite impressive, as it is a very user friendly system and fun to use.

As a prospective apartment shopper, RoomScan would allow you to have an exact idea of what can and cannot fit in a potential apartment.  You will never have to wonder if your bed was going to be too large for the room, or if that sofa was going to extend past the end of the wall with the exact dimensions RoomScan can provide.

From a leasing agent perspective, utilizing RoomScan would enable you to to provide extremely accurate dimensions to your prospects for every single room of their new home.  In doing this, you would not only be educating the prospects on the apartment, but you would also be getting them involved with the tour.   This will also allow a leasing agent to prepare ways to overcome objections if a room is small.  Most importantly, using RoomScan will make your tour even more memorable, which in turn would make you standout from your competitors.

I cannot tell you how many communities I have shopped where the leasing agent does not know the dimensions for each room.  It is unhelpful and it makes it appear as if the agent doesn’t know the community.  By using RoomScan, you will look knowledgable and impress your prospects with the exact specifics of the apartment.

Take the time to download the app and give it a try.  If you are a leasing agent, I think you will find this app to be very helpful to your presentation of the apartment and could absolutely lead to more leases.  Plus, the app is free!