Prior to picking up the phone, a prospect has most likely researched your community online and has determined it is a viable option for their next apartment home.  So why do some leasing agents struggle to convert over 50% of their phone calls into walk-ins?   A decade ago, people drove past your property and called the number on the sign in order to learn some important details about the community.  But when the phone rings today, 90% of your prospects are simply confirming a rental rate, availability and making sure that you are open.  If you are not convincing these prospects to walk-in the door, you are doing something wrong.   Here are 5 keys to converting a phone call into a walk-in.

  1. Bring the enthusiasm:  In sales, there is NOTHING more important than being excited about your product.  Smile, be enthusiastic and let the tone of your voice convey the pride you have in your community.  Act as if your property is the PERFECT place for your prospect to live and that they will NOT find a better value anywhere else in town.
  2. Listen:  Most salespeople are known for having the gift of gab.  But you should only be speaking 25% of the time.  The rest of the time, you should be asking questions about your prospect’s lifestyle and listening to their answers.  People buy from someone they like, and people like someone who listens.
  3. Get their information:  This is more than just a phone number and move-in date.  Get their pet’s name, what they do at their job, their favorite football team and where their spouse works.  There is a direct correlation with the amount of information written on a guest card and the number of leases you can secure.  The more you know about your prospect, the better chance you have of leasing to them
  4. Sell the property:  Have you ever described your favorite restaurant to someone?  Have you ever told them about an awesome vacation you took?  The detail and enthusiasm in which you described these places should match the way you describe your property to a prospect.  Don’t just list the amenities, but tell them how they are going to feel lounging around the pool and meeting their neighbors on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
  5. Build Rapport:  The number one reason why someone moved in 2012 was not price, job transfer or the economy.  It was because they were not satisfied with management or maintenance at their former community.  Find a way to establish rapport with your prospect and they will associate their connection with you to the way they will be treated if they become a resident of your community.  Find a connection, a similar hobby, a favorite band or just a way to make them laugh.  If you connect with your prospect on the phone, they WILL come see your community before choosing to lease somewhere else.