As Social Media progressively asserts itself into the everyday lives of our prospects and residents, apartment marketers are always looking for a new way to leverage a property’s Twitter, Facebook or Google + page into a viable marketing and retention tool.  With the recent launch of Twitter’s new Vine App and Instagram’s new video format, apartments may have a cool new way of connecting with residents and prospects.

For those of you who have not checked out the Vine app, here is a quick explanation of how the 6 second video sharing app works.

As video and image sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram continue to perform, it is important for the Apartment Industry to look into ways of using these tools in our branding and marketing strategies.  Here are a few ways that the Vine and Instagram videos can help you connect with current and potential residents.

  1. Set up a Vine Account on your property’s tablet and take a Vine Video of your prospect touring an apartment.  You can then text or email them the quick video after they leave.  Unlike some other forms of follow-up, prospects are very likely to view and interact with a video of themselves, especially if it is only 6 seconds long.  Remember to make it funny!
  2. Take a quick Vine Video of your management and maintenance staff asking a past prospect to come back in and apply.  Start by saying “Who should live at ABC Apartments?”  then go around to all of the members of your team and have them say, shout or sing the person’s name into the camera.  It’s goofy but certainly memorable.
  3. Get each of your prospects and residents to tell a joke on camera while they are around the pool or in the model.  Then create a (#)hashtag that says  #ABC ApartmentsHasJokes and display the (#)hashtag in common areas and around town.  This way people can search for the (#)hashtag and see all of the funny residents at your community.

Apps like Vine and Instagram can be a great way to get spread your brand, but like all online marketing, content is king.  If it’s funny, it will get shared.  If it gets shared, you get more views, and views are an important variable when measuring the performance of your marketing strategies.  Plus… the price is right… it takes just 6 seconds of your time!