1. The Pros and Cons of Apartment Amenities – Part 2

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  2. The Pros and Cons of Apartment Amenities – Part 1

    Choosing a new place to live is a truly daunting decision for most renters. With single bedrooms in occupied homes on one end of the spectrum, and lavish luxury apartments on the other, it’s important for renters to find a solution that provides the most value for their situation. One major factor…Read More

  3. Why Millennials Choose To Rent

    There’s no denying that the definition of “home” has changed in the last decade. While many generations of Americans pursued owning a home of their own as the pinnacle of the American dream, the Millennial generation has rejected this idea, instead choosing to rent their homes rather than buy.…Read More

  4. How Important is Marketing for Getting Your Place Rented?

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  5. Important Updates For Your Rentals, Pt 2

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  6. How to Make Sure Your Apartments Never Stay Empty

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  7. Work With CLASS Inc. For Success

    Are you an apartment manager who is tired of trying to keep your community filled with residents? Do you feel that your community has a lot to offer, but just can’t seem to get any notice? CLASS Inc. is here to help property managers like you with our tried and true apartment vacancy solutions. We…Read More

  8. The Dream Job: Come Work With Us

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  9. How CLASS Can Help You

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  10. Get Their Attention: Tips to Connect

    In this day and age, it can feel difficult to get the attention of prospective residents, especially when you live in a city full of renting options. How do you outshine the rest? According to RentPath.com, in February 2014, communities that had an outstanding digital presence were the ones that saw…Read More