Facebook can be the ultimate marketing paradox. While it affords apartment communities the opportunity to engage and connect with both prospective renters and residents, it can also become a forum for people to post negative comments about the property or staff. So what is the best way to handle a negative comment on Facebook?  The answer is not censorship, but in embracing the complaint and using it as a tool to show the poster that the management team is listening and responding to the residents.  When your Facebook administrator takes the high road and thanks the poster for a negative comment, it puts a positive spin on the negative post. It allows the management company to appear both caring and approachable.

In the example below, a resident posted a negative comment under a photo of a common area. The CLASS Leasing Specialist responded by apologizing and promising to fix the problem. However the original poster was persistent and again posted a negative comment. Rather than continuing to engage in debate or redirect the accusations, the Leasing Specialist simply thanked the poster for their suggestions and observations. She then invited the poster to come into the office so she could chat with the staff about some of the additional ways they could improve.

Rather than continue down a slippery slope of tit for tat on Facebook, the situation was defused and the commenter was left satisfied that her complaints were heard and appreciated.  Take a second to look at the full conversation below and the next time your staff is faced with a negative comment on Facebook, consider utilizing this strategy in your response.  Click on image to enlarge.