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What You'll Learn

The Leasing Workshop provides customized sales manuals, unique to your specific training goals. Updated every six months for the latest in marketing ideas, the 75-page manuals include:

  • Sales Workbook

  • Marketing Promotion Flyers

  • Marketing Tips

  • Self-Evaluation

  • Motivational Material

This is just a sampling of the many profit-building tools packed into every manual. The sales manuals are perfect for re-training, too!

What else does The Leasing Workshop have to offer?

The Leasing Workshop will jumpstart your leasing program so you will immediately see results. But we want to make sure your staff STAYS motivated, so we provide you with a 90-Day Management Program to KEEP your leasing staff motivated and productive. This program includes an incentive program, ideas for re-training, forms to use for telephone and on-site shopping, and performance review and goal monitoring programs.

To learn more about The Leasing Workshop and how we can help your property reach 100% occupancy, contact CLASS now!

To see what some of our very satisfied clients have to say about The Leasing Workshop, click here.

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