1. Saying Sorry Is Easier Said Than Done

    Last week as I was heading to the airport to catch a flight from Mobile to Atlanta, my phone buzzed with a text alert from Delta. I knew what it was before even opening the message-- a flight delay. Thirty minutes later, along came another text informing me of a second delay. In the airline industry this is a classic example of a service pitfall. When travelers are told a flight will depart at a c…Read More

  2. Aparment Living: What About Generation X?

      With the apartment industry still positively trending with record low vacancies and consistent rent growth, much of the focus and success has been contributed directly to Millennials and Baby Boomers.  Though this is predominantly the case, not much seems to be said about the generation in between the two, the so-called Gen-Xers. Born between early 1960 and roughly 1980,  Generation X consist…Read More

  3. Creating a Novel Incentive By Justin Coleman

    I recently had the opportunity to read Think Like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, which was a great read and I recommend it to anyone in any industry. At its core, the book is meant to teach you how to think about and approach problems with a different attitude and mindset. One particular excerpt from the book focuses on the importance of handling how you incentivize people, but…Read More

  4. Don’t Lose Your Prospects: Applying Behavioral Economics to Leasing

    Are leasing agents salespeople or customer service representatives? If you ask someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry they would say that truly great leasing agents are both. An excellent leasing professional needs exceptional sales skills to close the deal, but then be able to transition to a customer service representative who can fulfill the promises made during the sales process an…Read More

  5. Using Facebook as Part of Due Diligence in Tenant Screening

    Class Inc. is a nationally recognized company specializing in vacancy solutions. We can help you reduce vacancy rates, increase tenant retention rates and train your staff for smooth running management of your property(ies). One topic that has been coming up with increasing frequency is the role of social media in property management and apartment staffing. We are going to discuss a just a few poi…Read More

  6. Leasing Your Rental Property- Always Have A Perfect Photo

    Leasing Your Rental Property- Always Have A Perfect Photo Class Inc offers apartment vacancy solutions for your vacancy issues. We can help you lease up your properties,  retain residents or provide you with expert apartment staffing. We offer practical tips too, and that’s what we’ll do this week. It can be hard for anyone to picture a home or an apartment that is being leased by only readin…Read More

  7. Need marketing materials? Canva will help you design them.

    When it comes to graphic design, my tool box is pretty light. The beautiful work that comes from graphic designers never ceases to amaze me. The stunning visual content they provide is appealing to any business owner. Professionally done design work and marketing materials can help drive traffic to your website, social media outlets, and to your property. Unfortunately, most of us are not graphic …Read More

  8. Why is the NBA Advertising on HGTV?

    The last place you would expect to see a commercial for the National Basketball Association would be during Nick at Nite on Nickelodeon or during an episode of House Hunters on HGTV. However, according to Ad Age, the NBA will begin advertising on these television channels as part of a new strategy to attract more viewers. The campaign called “This Is Why We Play” highlights fans, kids, players…Read More

  9. Common Challenges Property Managers Face

    Here at CLASS, we've earned our reputation as the most effective solution for apartment leasing and marketing firm in the nation, offering apartment vacancy solutions and other leasing services to our clients. We know that, as a property manager, you face a lot of challenges. While many of the challenges haven't really changed over the years, the cause of these challenges have. Today we're going …Read More

  10. Avoid These Property Management Mistakes

    There are a ton of things you can do to improve your property management business even if you've already got a good business going on. From balancing relationships and contractual agreements to keeping up with apartment vacancy solutions, it's all just apart of the business. Today we've got a few mistakes that property managers make and how you can protect yourself against them. No written propert…Read More